It's All About The River

For the past 2 years the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce has hosted It`s All About the River at the Morrisburg Waterfront located at 1 Lakeshore Drive. The event is to celebrate this wonderful landmark, and learn more about the environment and the local businesses that work to preserve and restore the St. Lawrence. Though this year COVID-19 makes it hard to get together, it doesn`t mean we still can`t celebrate. Starting July 20th, we will be starting a Social Media campaign, we`ll put up a post a day about some of the businesses that work so hard to support and sustain our community and the St. Lawrence. Monday July 20th will be about the South Nation Conservation, Tuesday July 21st is Ontario Power Generation, Wednesday July 22nd is RCMP, Thursday July 23rd will be Scuba Diving/water sports, Friday July 24th is the St. Lawrence River Institute, and the final day Saturday July 25th will about the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce. Check us out each day on our facebook page at