South Dundas Seniors

Seniors Matter

In today’s world, it is a known fact that, in Canada, we live in an aging population. It is time to smile at the “grey tsunami” as we know Seniors contribute more to society than almost every other generation. The amount of work Seniors contribute to their own community continues to astound after looking at the collected data. This is why supporting our seniors in every way we can takes priority.

     Seniors shop, use services, and pay taxes. This helps employ people, and generates a better economy. Not to mention seniors also volunteer, and give generously. Many organizations would be hard-pressed without their senior volunteers, and seniors also make more charitable donations per capita than any other age group.

     Seniors do housework, home maintenance, and yard work. They also help take care of their grandchildren. Of course they do not only help out with cleaning  houses, seniors also provide care for spouses or friends when they need it the most. Many believe seniors would need the most amount of care given, but in 2007 there were one million caregivers over 65 in Canada.

     In truth, acknowledging senior’s contributions would help to make our community a more age-inclusive environment. 




The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce recognizes the importance of the seniors in our community, and we love to help them in any way we can. We recognize that many seniors no longer get the social opportunities they used to.

The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce now keeps an active monthly calendar with events for seniors. Do you love Euchre? Check it out every Saturday at 2pm in the Hartford. We have activities for everyone!