The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce hosts or helps to run many different events in the South Dundas Region. These events help to bring lots of tourist to our area who will shop at our local businesses while they are here. We also host many of these events as they are very important the people of South Dundas. 

8th Annual Bluegrass Festival

The 8th Galop Canal Annual Bluegrass Festival is on June Thursday June 13th, Friday June 14th, and Saturday June 15th located at the Iroquois Locks. Come on down and see a variety of different bluegrass artists. 

Canada Day

Monday July 1st 

Vintage Antiques and Collectibles

The Vintage Antiques and Collectibles is on Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th located at the Morrisburg Arena in Morrisburg. Come on down to see all the vendors and different Vintage, Antique and collectibles they have for sale. 

Tubie Festival

This years Tubie Festival is on Saturday August 3rd and Sunday August 4th. 

Renegade Bass Tournament




Art and Studio Tour & Sale

This the Art and Studio Tour & Sale is on Saturday, August 17 from 10 am to 4 pm. 

Apple Harvest Season in South Dundas


Fall and Winter Tradeshow



Without the help of our generous sponsors, many of the summer festivals wouldn't be able to occur. These events help attract tourist to our area who will shop at our local businesses.