The South Dundas Chamber of Commerce is a member of both the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. This allows us to provide many different benefits and discounts to our members. 

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides many benefits to its members, such as professional growth and prosperity, policy development, access to a wealth of knowledge and many member benefit programs. Since the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, all of these benefits are available to the members of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce. For a full list of benefits that members of the South Dundas Chamber of Commerce receive, Click Here. For more information about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, please visit

Ontario Chamber of Commerce

From innovative SMEs to established multi-national corporations  and industry associations, the OCC is committed to working with our members to improve business competitiveness across all sectors. We represent local chambers of commerce and boards of trade in over 135 communities across Ontario, steering public policy conversations provincially and within local communities. Through our focused programs and services, we enable companies to grow at home and in export markets. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce provides exclusive support, networking opportunities, and access to innovative insights and analysis for our members. Through our export programs, we have approved over 1,300 applications, and companies have reported results of over $250 million in export sales. For more information please visit

Provincial Government

MPP Nolan Quinn is available by appointment only.  Contact information to be determined.